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Musik-CD Collet NC005 En Rose

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“EN ROSE” has been created with long time collaborator Debbie Allen and is... mehr
Musik-CD Collet NC005 En Rose
“EN ROSE” has been created with long time collaborator Debbie Allen and is intended for young teenagers.
“Debbie and I have been working together with children and teenagers for many years, and the album reflects some of the best moments shared in class!
A very upbeat warm-up will cheer your class up before starting the exercises at the barre.
In the centre, the CD offers a rich choice of exercises for pirouettes, turns and Allegro with extra long tracks.
In addition, you will also get a beautiful lyrical variation, an inspiring cool down and a révérence.
The tracks have been carefully composed to inspire, support and guide the young dancer at an age where shaping their personality and developing confidence, are vital..
Some of the tracks tell a story, suggest an atmosphere or refer to an emotion...
I have endeavoured to engage with the young dancer’s imagination through the musical compositions.

“EN ROSE” has moments of levity and moments of depth. We hope you enjoy it!”
Recorded on a Steinway & Sons grand piano, an album not to miss!
34 tracks - Total duration: 73 minutes
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